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Never mail lists

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How do other people handle their "never mail" list in Sendy?



  • Hi @addactive,

    What does "never mail" mean?



  • At the moment, so far as I can tell, Sendy treats the recipient permission for each list separately. However, in practise, we'll often be segmenting a list for a particular campaign. E.g.

    Let's say we're a car dealership. Normally we send a newsletter to our "Newsletter list".

    For a special offer, we might segment that list to find everyone we know has an interest in Fords and only send to them.

    When some of those people unsubscribe, we'd want to unsubscribe them from all lists (which I can see is a setting on the list itself).

    But for anyone who submits a spam report, or for people who unsubscribe with a grumpy attitude. We'd like to log their email address in a "never mail" list which Sendy actively filters against when scheduling any campaign.

    Then, no matter if they were ever accidentally included in a mailing list in future or not, they would never actually be sent the scheduled campaign.

    Does that make sense? Is this something Sendy already handles somehow?

    It's partly difficult for us because we maintain our lists using other systems and aren't yet setup to use the API to keep them in sync.



  • Hi Martin,

    Right now, how it works is that when you import a CSV into a list, Sendy checks for emails that already exists in that list no matter what their status is. Their status could be unsubscribed, bounced, active, etc, the record from the CSV will not be added into the list, hence duplicates will not be added and the subscriber's status remains the same.

    Not only that, Sendy will not import emails that previously bounced, not only in the list that you're importing you CSV into, but from any other lists and/or brands as well (the entire database).



  • Re the CSV import, that's only if you're importing into the same list. It won't work if you're importing into another segmented list.

    Good news on the bounces though. Does that work in the same way for spam complaints?


  • Does that work in the same way for spam complaints?



  • Only bounced emails can be assumed that it should never be imported into any list no matter which list or brands it bounced from.

  • So, what about the concept of a "never mail" list then. Is that something you would consider adding?


  • @addactive Yes I'll consider that. I'll put this in suggestions category. Thanks Martin.

  • +1 for this idea.

  • edited March 2013

    +1 for me too

    I get a hater now and then who likes to sign up to my lists, report all the emails they receive as spam and send me swear words by email!

    Having a 'shit list' would be nice so I never darken their door again on any new campaigns

  • "Suppression lists" I think are what are being described here and they are pretty common in comparable email marketing software. Generally a suppression list exists in two contexts- a general (global) suppression list which applies to all lists (or campaigns) system-wide; and per-list suppression lists which only apply to a particular mailing list (or campaign). Suppression lists are more of an outgoing filter then they are inbound, at least in my mind. They prevent email from being sent to a particular user (or a set of users; such as if a whole domain is added to a suppression list).

    The usecase for a "global" suppression list would be to keep track of and handle known "bad actors"- those who should not be mailed under any circumstance as they are likely to complain or sue; email marketers may share this information with one another or you may come into this information from prior dealings with a particular individual (like the case with ccgeek). You may also use a global suppression list to prevent sending mail to known "honeypots" or temporary email addresses, either which may result in negative reputation problems.

    The usecase for a single list suppression list would be if you are cross marketing someone else's product to your list. Sometimes they will have a list of people who have already opted-out of receiving information about that product and which you dont want to bug with additional marketing collateral about that product, however you DONT want to remove them from future cross marketing of other products.

  • +1 for this feature.

    Especially useful if for example, transactional and marketing emails are sent from different systems. Being able to keep the bounces consolidated is very important. A suppression list would make that possible.

  • +1 for this feature

  • +1, this would be a great feature.

  • @souther I just found myself in need of a single list suppression and a global suppression list too, @ben I hope this gets added in a future version!

  • +1 on this also, it would be a great feature for us, we only recently started using it as a comparative measure against CM, so far we love it but we do worry about sending out different lists to people who have currently unsubscribed from an alternate list. Global supression would be a great feature :)

  • Any news on this one at all @Ben ? It's becoming increasingly important to us.

  • +1 for this feature

  • +1 for this feature

  • +1 for this feature. I will begin developing it on my own but will need compensation before it is shared to the public.

  • +1
    Can also be used if you promote a product and want to exclude buyers of that product, or test groups that already received this promotion

  • +1 for this feature

  • +1 this would help out a lot moving from other software

  • +1 for this feature.

    I have clients moving to me from another service provider, and I would like to import their existing blacklists so that I don't have to find out the 'hard way' who is a bad subscriber and risk my reputation with SES

  • Ben - why no comments on this yet please as I am another +1 for this ?

  • +1 on this as well. A much needed addition.

  • I ran into another situation where this was needed again today. Client has multiple segments (lists) and one master suppression list. Now I have to manual look these up.

    Really a shame Sendy doesn't have this baked in

  • +1 on this feature. All of our clients need it

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    Until Ben decides to integrate this critical feature, I'm suggesting a solution:

    Make a special list where you will put all your 'never mail' emails. Note the number of that list (it is in the url when you are in it example the list number is 12).

    Then go to phpmyadmin, go to sendy database, click SQL and paste this then hit Go:

    What this will do is to set to bounced all the email in the never mail list. ATTENTION to change the list number before you execute the code.

    From my testing this will be enough so that when you try to import another list no mail from the never mail list will be imported because sendy is made in such a way that any emails that are set as bounced in one list will be refused to be added in any other list.

    After initial setting, whenever you add more emails to the never mail list you can use the same code, but it will run also on the already set as bounced emails, or you can use this code to only run on the newly added emails:

    Take note on the &&, put two not just one!

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