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How to merge lists including bounce and spam fields
  • I divided my big list up into multiple lists so that I could send without going over SES limits.

    Now my SES limits are high enough and I'd like to merge those lists back together. I know one option is to export the active subscribers from each of those lists and them import them all into a new lists. But it seems to me that if I do that I'll lose the "bounce", "spam", and "unsubscribe" emails. My list is populated by online order data. I want to make sure that if someone has unsubscribed from the list they don't get accidentally re-added when they make a new order.

    Anyway, is there some way to merge lists in such a way that the resulting lists includes all emails along with the "bound", "spam", and unsubscribe status for each email?

    Thanks, Jesse

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    Hi Jesse,

    What you can do is export the 'bounces', 'complaints' and 'unsubscribes' from the list you want to empty and transfer.

    Then export 'All' subscribers from that list. Import the CSV into the list you want to consolidate everything. Then 'mass unsubscribe' by importing the CSVs of the 'bounces', 'complaints' and 'unsubscribes'.

    Best regards,

  • Ok, thanks for your help.

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