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Cross reference unsubscribe link to a specific name/email address?
  • First off I'd like to say we have been using Sendy for the last few weeks and it has been a TERRIFIC tool! Now on to the question...

    I tried searching but either the question has not been asked or my Google-fu is weak on this one. My apologies if it has been asked/answered.

    Is there a way to decode and cross reference the Unsubscribe link to know who a specific email was sent to?

    We have received a few "complaint" responses from AOL, Comcast, etc. but the email addresses have been redacted or cloaked with an alternative address in these "complaints" so we are not able to remove the email addresses of the recipients. Since the Unsubscribe link seems to still be intact, we are hoping it can be used to do some sort of "reverse lookup".

    We'd really like to maintain good customer relations as well as minimize the chance of being blackballed by ISP's so any help with this will be greatly appreciated.


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    Just click the unsubscribe link to unsubscribe the user. If you want to see who you unsubscribed, login to Sendy and go to your list where you sent the campaign to. You'll be able to see who you just unsubscribed as they'll float to the top of the table and marked as 'Unsubscribed'.


    Best regards,

  • Some times things are far less complex than one wants to make them. I was over-thinking the problem. LOL...

    Thanks Ben!

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