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RSS to Campaign & segments inside lists



  • +1 ditto :-)

  • +1 My vote also

  • +1 This is a must have feature for me and required for migrating off of mailchimp.

  • Hey @doleague, I didn't see your reply until just now... if you are still interested in this let me know. Send me a direct message.

  • Hey Ben, how about creating some features voting option where everyone would vote for important features and you guys could develop them and sell them as add-on's. You can know how many interested to buy and then device if its worth spending time on those features or not.

  • Any update on integrating RSS to Email into Sendy? It looks like there is a lot of demand for this.

  • At this juncture has anyone else been able to find a workaround or hack for this feature?

  • Any update to this Ben?

  • If this feature gets added then I will move off mailchimp for sure. This is the one thing keeping me from switching :(\

  • I'm guessing that Ben may have planned that for a major update/version but has not decided which one it will be!

  • +1 so I can move away from Mailchimp altogether. Update on this feature please?

  • I definitely need this feature. Any word on when this will happen? It's pretty much the biggest puzzle piece (if not the last) for moving me from Mailchimp.

    Thanks for an outstanding program!

  • For all who are interested, I just released my Sendy RSS newsletter generation code on GitHub:

  • Looks interesting, though not so easy for those of us who are not developers..

  • Making things easy for non-techies is a lot of effort. I am not about to invest a ton of time in making something super user friendly just to have the Sendy developers release their own solution overnight.

  • @ben More than 3 years ago this was "on the roadmap". You have not commented since despite dozens more requests. What is going in with this important feature?

  • I love Sendy, but an app that delay 3 years for 1 new features It is not a good thing!

  • I would love to see a robust php solution for this. It might be a php version of @dtougas's code or something else, but if somebody is will / able to do it, I'm sure many people from this community can pitch it to cover the cost. I know I'm willing to pay to get this done.

  • @ash I have re-written most of it in PHP, with I nice web-based UI, etc. and am quite far along. I have not put the time into finishing it yet, as I got busy with other projects. In addition to being busy, there were a few things holding me back from getting excited about completing the project:

    • I am not sure how to best license it. I don't want to do the encrypted/obfuscation crap that Sendy does, but I also don't want it to just get blindly copied all over the place. Selling it as a service is an option, but sort of defeats the purpose of what Sendy is all about in the first place.
    • It isn't clear to me how big the market is, and how much demand there really is.
    • I would hate to finish it and see Sendy release their own solution shortly thereafter.
  • ashash
    edited March 2016

    @dtougas all valid concerns and unfortunately there isn't a good answer to all your points. :)

    • Agreed, I would stay away from SaaS, since like you mentioned, it defeats the purpose.
    • Licensing, have you considered a marketplace like codecanyon. There are some sendy plugins there and you can see the # of previous sales (which may help you get a better idea on the market size). You may even be able to put an aff link back to Sendy for those who are interested in your plugin but don't even know about Sendy yet.
    • As far as your concern about finishing it right when Sendy would release their own solution, As I'm sure you know, last thing I found was "it's on the road-map, 3 years ago" it could be another 3 years for all I know. Would love to hear from @Ben on that. Maybe not even a date, but a "Go for it and create your own, or don't do it, it's already developed" would be more helpful at this point.

    If you're looking for beta testers, please let me know. You can reach me ash at ametry dot com

  • Hi @ash and hi @dtougas

    @ash great timing!
    I was thinking and writing a post yesterday related to this. We are planning to develop this feature, if there is enough interest.
    The post was intended to understand if there is really interest and people that want this feature so I have added a link to join a list so we can know real numbers.

    So if anybody is interested I invite you to go to this link and join the list.

    The list won´t be used for anything else and I wont send any other promotion or any other email unrelated to this feature.

    @dtougas maybe we can colaborate together on finishing it and we have some ideas on implementation and how to license it. Please send me a DM if you are interested. I see no point on having two solutions when we can have a better one, but I am happy to discuss it. :)

    I have a brand new slack team setup and that could be another way to discuss about this, if you want to join, you can request an invitation here:

    @ash Ben also reply to me this morning saying that this feature is not going to be on the next update. I do not have more info at the moment.

  • @doleague thanks for jumping in. I joined both the newsletter and slack group to stay in the loop. Interested to see what comes out of this collaboration.

  • I have grown my subscriber list to 16K and now in need of RSS campaign. Let me see what I can do on this.

  • Ooo! Guys, I have Christmas tonight! Check this plugin:

    You can prepare campaign directly in wordpress and if you publish new post, it will send email from Sendy!! Yaye! :) I am not creator of this plugin, but I am definitely happy ;)

    First test email arrived ok, I have just some little problem with unsubscribe link..but everything looks ok (you have to use widget from this plugin, without that it will not work)

    Have a great day

  • Awesome!! Christmas indeed!

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