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Which Optin Form Wordpress Plugin do you use with Sendy?
  • Vote Up0Vote Down coopercooper
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    I'm looking for a good optin form plugin which I can use painlessly with Sendy and Wordpress.

    There is this thread here discussing Optinmonster. Which would be ideal but the integration plugin discussed only works with the non SaaS version of OptinMonster and as far as I know is no longer for sale. I'm not keen on the SaaS version of Optinmonster as it's a recurring annual fee of $49 for 1 site.

    The thread also mentions PopUpDomination but there is feedback stating problems with the A/B testing functionality. It does appeal more on the price front as it's only a one time $47 fee.

    I've also seen someone mention Bloom by ElegantThemes but again it's a recurring annual fee of $89 which puts me off. Although you do get access to a bunch of themes and other plugins for the yearly fee.

    So, is there anything out there that just works with Sendy for a one-off fee? What do you use?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down kottkekottke
    Posts: 5Sendy user

    I haven't had a chance to test everything out yet as I just installed Sendy today, but I will be using it with both Thrive Content Builder and Landing Page Monkey. Those are both one-off fees. LPM is $27 I believe and TCB is $87 which gives you 1 year support but lifetime updates.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down poms32poms32
    Posts: 1Sendy user

    I, I'm using Ninja popup from Envato and IM Profit Builder for landing pages, all work with Sendy


  • Vote Up0Vote Down coopercooper
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    Thanks kottke and poms32. Good to know and I'll be checking all of them out.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down vincentpolisivincentpolisi
    Posts: 62Sendy user

    For static optin forms, I use Sendy Widget Pro:

    For everything else, I use OptinMonster which is well worth the money based on the feature set.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down eplakueplaku
    Posts: 10Sendy user

    I have not used any of the paid versions, but just the Sumome version where I manually add the Sendy code to be displayed both with the Pop-up and other verion.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down festerfester
    Posts: 3Sendy user

    Is there a Sendy sign-up form with reCaptcha avaiilable?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down pvk28pvk28
    Posts: 1Sendy user

    Why use a plugin at all ? No need to complicate things. Just copy/paste the form script that sendy supplies to a Wordpress text widget and you're done in 30 seconds. (might want to do some additional styling).

  • Free Sendy WordPress Plugins:

    • Sendy WordPress plugin
    • Contact Form 7 Integrations
    • Sendy-WPCF (WordPress plugin for Contact Form 7)
    • Gravity Forms
    • Sendy Addon
    • Sync to Sendy.

    Premium Sendy WordPress Plugins:

    • Sendy Widget Pro
    • Layered Popups for WordPress
    • Opt-In Panda for WordPress
    • OptinMonster Integration Addon.

    My favourite is "Layered Popups for WordPress" and "OptinMonster Integration Addon", source.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down lrickylricky
    Posts: 3Sendy user

    Hey all,

    just want to share that if you're using Bloom plugin from ElegantTheme, you can now easily use it with Sendy using the Bloom-Sendy Integration plugin from AppVisionaire, just like with OptinMonster. You can get it at the website:


  • Hey Guys...does pop-ninja supports the multiple list? I saw we can enter only one list id. how can I use it for multiple list? Please suggest!

  • Vote Up0Vote Down chrisdr2chrisdr2
    Posts: 2Sendy user

    I am using MemberPress. I sell digital subscription from my site which is handled by the MemberPress plugin.

    In Sendy the customer is subscribed under a main list + the specific list for the chosen subscription. The cool thing is that I can then use direct drip email campaigns depending upon the chosen subscription. Better than that, if the user upgrades to a higher subscription, they get unsubscribed/re-subscribed to the upgraded subscription. Very happy with the integration so far.

    Thanks Chris

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,823Sendy support

    Just to add on to @chrisdr2 comment and for those who are interested, MemberPress + Sendy's integration documentation can be found here →

    There're also lots of other Wordpress opt-in form plugins that can be found here →

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