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Sendy MOD: List Cleaner & Setup tip (also kinda a mod)
  • Vote Up0Vote Down SteveSRSSteveSRS
    Posts: 28Sendy user
     Mar 5, 2017: Latest version of this mod →  

    Hey fellow Sendy users..

    Ok I like sendy as a user but I've been missing some functionality for quite some time now and I've finally decided to do something about it:

    So I've decided to share it (free) and I was thinking of just putting it on Github with a goal that others might be inspired to further add more great functionality to make Sendy more powerful. I've made it with minimal edits to existing files (although I still had to edit 4 files). I can put it on github but that means I'd have to put some Sendy code there so before I do I'd like to have Ben's reaction to it first...

    So who would like to have this mod?

    Best regards,
    Steven van der Peijl

    p.s. Another great tip that HUGELY improved opening rate: I stopped using SES (because their support sucks balls) and moved over to Sendgrid. Using sendgrid and some CNAME magic you can complete whitelabel every link in your email for every one of your brands (so if you send from your open tracking links would be for example ). On top of that sendgrid support is a thousand times better then Amazon SES's and still very cheap and more awesome stats in their dashboard as an extra (hmm thats an idea for more modding of Sendy ;) ).

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,621Sendy support

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for this. If you could add this feature such that you don't need to touch much of the core code, that will be easier to maintain for future updates. If the mod is stable after some iterations I'd consider adding it to Sendy.

    Thanks once again.

    Best regards,

  • I would definitely like to have this mod.

  • That would be a great mod and I would like to have it too.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down sosaysjaysosaysjay
    Posts: 12Sendy user

    That's a sweet mod.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down depotgangdepotgang
    Posts: 1Sendy user

    I would love this and a universal suppression list too :)

  • Vote Up0Vote Down SteveSRSSteveSRS
    Posts: 28Sendy user

    Hey guys,

    Sorry for delay busy busy: It is NOT tested enough to be 'production' ready so only use it if you know what you are doing and make a back-up!

    If anybody spots any mistakes / bugs etc feel free to fork!

  • Looks like a must-have mod but also looks hard to install and from what I see, it could cause errors. Has anyone tested it?

  • @Ben would you be able to check this Mod? I need this so much that I would even pay good money for it. It would be amazing if you can test it and add it to next Sendy update. Thanks.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down SteveSRSSteveSRS
    Posts: 28Sendy user

    @carsonreed installation is very easy; just upload the files to your sendy installation folder via ftp.

    As for testing; this is going to need some time. Sendy does not do any tracking (opens / clicks) per user with a timestamp so its impossible to track if a sub has been active since xx/xx/xxxx. I had to add this functionality. This means the proper tracking that is needed only starts after installing the mod. Cleaning a list based on activity less then a month is useless so I need to be tracking activity for at least a month to be able to properly test some of the major functions.

    All other functions that do not require the above have been tested successfully.

    @Ben I noticed in my sendy installation it now says 'new version: blocked available', is sendy doing some checksums or something on some of the edited files in this package that causes this? (my version is 2.0.4 which is still latest as far as I can see)

  • #1072 - Key column 'userID' doesn't exist in table

  • Do you have Sendy properly installed? userID is a column from the original Sendy installation.

    Also let me know when you get this error and in which php file.

  • @SteveSRS this mod looks great!

    Planning to give this a try. Is it working great on sendy 2.0.4 version?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down SteveSRSSteveSRS
    Posts: 28Sendy user

    @phoenix404 Yes, please see previous comments etc.

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