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Custom Fields for exports
  • Hi,

    Sendy is a great app and it works well, but there is one feature I really think it could use. When you export csv files from a campaign it only includes the name and the e-mail. I wish it would include which list the contact is in as well. What would be great is if a pop up came up with all possible fields and you check which fields you want in the report. Or at the least just include the list the contact is in.

    Thanks, Kevin

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    +1 for this

  • Hi kevinmcmahonmilspray

    I am not sure if you have any programming experience

    There is probably an easy fix for exporting custom fields, in export-csv.php file you could change the sql query on line 188 to

    $select = 'SELECT name, email, custom_fields FROM '.$table.' where id IN ('.$subscribers.') '.$additional_query;

    and then just below line 205 you could add

    $value = str_replace( '%s%' , ',' , $value );

    and in regards to getting "which list the contact is in?" you could include the list column in the above sql query otherwise you would need to do a join to get the list name?

    By the way make sure you backup this file, becuase I take no responsibility :)

    Ben, I hope it is ok for me to share this information?

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    This feature would be great. In the current version, when you export the suscribers that opened the email for example, it only exports the Name and Email.

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    Hi can anyone help to get this sorted? There are 3 files with the file name export-csv.php in difference folders. Which one to be amended?

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    If you want to export a group of contacts from a campaign report, you should modify the file in /includes/reports/.

    Hope it helps.


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    That query worked fine but I have multiple custom_fields and when I export, all the custom fields merged into a single column. Is there any way to split those custom fields to separate columns using their respective names? Thanks

  • +1 for this

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    Need to this work by showing all those who opened an email and have my team do a follow up call. But when we download the list, there are no phone numbers, even though this shows when we click the name on last 10 opened list

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    The same as kalltrip: follow up calls → we need custom fields in campaign exports.