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SSL Linux EC2
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    Posts: 24Sendy user

    Hi, I'm quite new to AWS but I managed to install sendy on an linux instance with a domain on Route 53, so, I'm a fast learner (and good at watching youtube how-to videos). However, I'm now trying to add an SSL certificate an am completely lost. Does anyone know how to or know any good videos or how-to's?


  • Hello icarusnyc , the easiest way is, AWS Certificate Manager

    Validation for your certificate you must have access to one of these emails:


    SSL certificates are initially only can install add from, AWS Certificate Manager: ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) and AWS CloudFront. No EC2 Instances. I am sorry.

    You can use Amazon Cloud Front To Install SSL Certificate you an EC2 Instance: You must create a CloudFront distribution point to your EC2 server, the Certificate install it from CloudFront.

    your Route 53 before pointing to your instance EC2 now must point to your Amazon CloudFront DNS as an alias.

    To summarize:

    1. Create your SSL certificate AWS Certificate Manager.

    2. Create a distribution in Amazon CloudFront point to your instance EC2. Here it loads the certificate: Custom SSL Certificate.

    3. Amazon CloudFront gives you a domain name. This domain name is that you must register on Amazon Route 53 as Zone Record Set, Type A, Alias Target.

    4. Finally after a few minutes, and could you enter or whatever ...

  • Vote Up0Vote Down icarusnycicarusnyc
    Posts: 24Sendy user

    Thanks for this. I kinda of took another route. I used the steps here:

    I wasn'te even using a godaddy ssl (ew) . I was using one I bought from namecheap. Thank you!

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