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Not Found The requested URL /app.php was not found on this server.
  • Hello, I have set up Sendy (also SES) and tried to setup 2 brands (E-Mails got verivied at SES on Amazons AWS)... It all works finde. But if it now click on a brand within my Sendy it get the following error: "Not FoundThe requested URL /app.php was not found on this server." What did I miss, what did I do wrong? Thx for the help in advance, Michael

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    Posts: 3,804Sendy support


    Sounds like there are missing files in your installation. Try re-uploading Sendy:

    1. Download a copy of Sendy from with your license key (use the form at the top left of the page to download Sendy).

    2. Then re-upload all of Sendy's files to your server (except /includes/config.php and /uploads/ folder) replacing the old ones.

    Make sure all necessary files are uploaded.


    Best regards,

  • Hello Ben, thx for the fast help. Indeed there went something wrong with the upload (like u said, a few files where missing). I reuploaded them and now it works just fine. Happy New Year and thx for the help again...

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