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Ways to run a permission pass?
  • Does anyone have any bright ideas on how to go about running a permission pass on my lists?

    I set up a campaign, that when sent to one list, used the pre-generated form to subscribe to another list, with the name and email fields set to hidden, and then filled them with the Personalisation tags to draw the data from one list to another. In essence, I just put a subscribe button with hidden fields. To cut a long story short - this didn't work and the /subscribe link that the pressing submit takes you do just behaves as if no data was passed.

    So yeah - has anyone run a permission pass within sendy before, and how did they do it?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down colcolcolcol
    Posts: 21Sendy user

    Here are two ideas... not sure if either are bright though.

    Assuming List A contains all your names, and List B is to contain only those giving permission.

    Send a campaign to List A asking them to click a button if they give permission. The link redirects to a page saying thank you etc.

    After a timescale of your choice, within Sendy, visit the Reports section for that campaign. There you will be able to export a CSV of everyone that clicked the button. Create List B, and import the CSV into List B.

    The CSV should include all details of the contact, not just the email address, so the name and any custom fields ought to pass through (assuming you have created List B fields identical to List A fields).

    Alternatively, send a campaign to List A with the button pointing to a page showing the Sendy subscribe form for List B. The reader then has to fill in his/her details again (which will no doubt put people off), but the advantage here is that you will capture the IP address and other details of the recipient (by virtue of using the new Sendy v3.0.5.) if those details are important for you.

    I think other solutions will involve fiddling about with the HTML code of your campaign or the Sendy PHP.

  • Ah, having a more generic button is a good idea.

    It would be nice to just directly subscribe them to another list. If anyone has code of how to do that from within an email, that'd be awesome.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,648Sendy support

    Those are 2 excellent ideas @colcol.

    It would be nice to just directly subscribe them to another list.

    Another idea would be to use Zapier to send a subscriber to List B when the recipient replies your email →

    When you create your campaign, set the 'Reply to' email address to the email address Zapier provides you for the Zap. In your email content, ask the user to reply to the email (they can write anything in the reply). Zapier will then subscribe the user to the list you've setup in your Zap.

    This way, the whole setup will be automated.

    Best regards,

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