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  • Ben February 2018
How does 'opens' tracking work?
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    Posts: 11Sendy user

    What criteria does Sendy use to determine whether an email has been opened or read? The reason I ask is that some people will read their mail in a preview screen, or have images turned off and this will not trigger as "read" in some programs.

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    Posts: 3,727Sendy support


    Like any other email marketing application, Sendy track 'opens’ by embedding a 1 x 1 pixel image at the bottom of every email sent. When an email is opened by a recipient, this image is 'loaded' thus it will be tracked as 'Opened'.

    However, there will be some recipients who do not 'turn on images' while viewing emails, so opens cannot be tracked for these users. But if they click on any links in the email, Sendy will know that they apparently opened the email and will record it as an 'Open'.

    This works the same for MailChimp and any other email marketing applications as this is the only way an 'open' can be tracked.


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