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  • Ben March 2018
What is the 'timestamp' field, and when is it updated?
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    quick question: what is the 'timestamp' field, and when is it updated?

    long explanation:
    There is a subscriber in all of the lists of an installation who happily received campaigns over the last 6 months of it's existence - it's an employee of the client actually using this himself.

    Today they found this subscriber bounced in one list with a campaign the other week. So i checked further and found it bounced in all of the lists yet - and - that the timestamp of all but one of these entries is the same. The one being different seems to be the latest attempt to send to this address, likely while test sending the latest campaign.

    So if this timestamp means the last time a subscriber was updated i'm wondering why it would be the same for multiple instances in different lists which all got campaigns sent to at different points in time.

    and again - all this debugging would be a lot easier if we could actually see (log) the SNS-messages of a bounce.. :/


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    A subscriber's 'Last activity' is updated when the user:

    • opened a campaign or autoresponder
    • clicked a link in a campaign or autoresponder
    • subscribed to a list
    • unsubscribed from a list
    • bounced
    • marked as spam
    • confirmed a double opt-in subscription.

    When a subscriber is marked as ‘Bounced’, the same subscriber will be marked as bounced in ALL lists and brands it exists in all at the same time. That explains the same timestamp.


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