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Email Blueprint
  • Hello Ben,

    This intends to be a post for all members, to know if anyone uses some sort of blueprint for their emails. Now that I have set the technical aspects of sending emails, I need to actually write good emails. Do you know where to find some blueprint or content template?

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    Posts: 21Sendy user

    I use the free Mailpoet pluguin for my emails. The plugin includes a drag and and drop editor for building custom emails, and there are various pre-built templates to choose from, too. The plugin may not be the very best around, but it is free, it works and is good enough. Because I send WordPress content via Sendy, it is easier for me to use a WordPress plugin. Once I have created the email in Mailpoet, and inserted the Sendy unsubscribe and webversion tags, I simply copy and paste the HTML into the Sendy editor. I have never had any real problems with this setup.