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  • Ben December 2018
  • oss December 2018
Syntax error in functions file
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    Posts: 17Sendy user


    I was running on sendy 3.0.4, updated to 3.1.1. I am getting error:

    syntax error, unexpected '{' in /www/sendy/includes/functions.php(1) : eval()'d code on line 1
    Call to undefined function OOO0000OOO() in /www/sendy/includes/functions.php on line 1

    md5 /www/sendy/includes/functions.php = 40061acfc0b0c203327f2ae1e7f83644

    PHP Version 5.6.27.

    Out of ideas what to do...

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    Posts: 3,672Sendy support


    I suggest re-uploading the latest version of Sendy downloaded from There aren't anything that should cause this error though.

    Best regards,

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    Posts: 17Sendy user

    Hi Ben,

    I found out what was issue. It was using opcache without revalidating timestamps, so old code was still running...just in case you have this problem in future with somebody.

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