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  • Ben January 2019
Additional drip campaigns to existing subscribers
  • Scenario:

    I have an existing list of subscribers. I have an existing auto-responder drip campaign that only has one email setup currently that sends out when a person subscribes instantly.

    If I add subsequent emails to the same drip campaign, with a delay (ie 2 weeks, whatever) will existing subscribers that meet that threshold automatically get the subsequent responders whenever I flip the switch to turn it on, or only new subscribers?

    Lets say I have 100 subscribers signed up at various times over the last 6 months. All have gotten an instant reply upon subscription. I want to add 2nd (or 3rd, 4th, etc) responder(s). I set the second responder up to email out within 2 weeks of subscribing. I have 96 people that have subscriptions more than 2 weeks old. Do those 96 automatically get the second responder when it is saved? Or does it only send the second responder to the 4 people on the list when they cross the 2 week threshold?

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    If the existing subscribers still meets the timing criteria they will receive your new autoresponder emails that you’ve setup.


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