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Best HTML email creator to use with Sendy
  • most of actual and past comment are not FOCUSED Sendy.

    Sendy has Whitelabel /Saas abilities , then an editor must be able to manage each brands individually. Average users are NOT familiar with exporting, and Nerds are techy enough to create email without any "fancy" editor...

    Most of listed script cited in various comments are very expensive ,WHO will buy Sendy at 59$ onetimefee THEN pay 1.200$ /year for a 50 user plan at isnt a Pay solution anymore, it is downloadable for FREE ( i am not related to these guys in any way...)

    Limited? absolutely! Little Bugged? For sure!

    but it work with a clear integration with sendy Yes, some call "declare" that you're using Sendy platform, and it's not good for Whielabel's , but they can hire a coder to easily fix this (or do themself...)

    finally: Sendy is one of the best email marketing script out there, but i think that a block/visual editor cannot be a "future release" , users have these things also into any "worst" system or script out there: Sendy's team can integrate this easily, even use the source corde release at getbuilder...

    if they do this, Sendy will becamo more "user friendly and usable" to a vast large of peopel that need (also) fancy editors ;-)

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    @miomac231161 Have you managed to install the plug in successfully? I have managed to install it but while accessing it throws me a 500 internal server error.

  • Does anyone out there know how to fix getemailbuilder? Or actually have a solution to plug in a drag and drop? I'd even pay money.

  • Take a look at

    It's a very flexible and FREE drag and drop editor. You can export the code and drop it into sendy as a template or full email. CiviCRM for Wordpress have made an integration with this, it would be AWESOME if someone could do the same for Sendy - I'm not sure my coding skills are up to it! It's open source code.

  • is there any editor that can replace the one that comes with Sendy? So that I would install it once, and then any existing or new brands would get the new editor?


  • We use and are very, very happy.

    Not found anything that compares if you are creating a curated set of links

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    Hi. I sent an email to support and still waiting for a reply. I'm happy to find this thread and write a reply.

    I've used everything in the html editors thread and they all come out broken in Sendy. The padding and spacing is all wrong, the fonts don't come out the same, or colours are just ignored. It's not a simple thing to use. In Dreamweaver the exported HTML always looks sound.

    I even tried Mail Styler 2 and even that comes out wrong in Sendy. I have no idea what to do.

    Any ideas?

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    Mailchimps templates also come out broken.

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    We've been using BEE Free ( and are very happy. We've tried a lot of software out there, but the ease of making a newsletter is incredible. In the pro environment they also have tons of ready-made professional looking templates. Big fan!

  • Beefree seems good, somebody tried it in Sendy ? It would be so awsome to have a small builder with Sendy, perhaps in the 5.0 version ? :)

  • I'm using CampaignMonitor tool for builiding good looking newsletters/emails. While on preview pane, click web version, take the source code and paste it to sendy. Before pasting modify with find-replace in notepad++ the unsubscribe and webversion links. Chage the images hosted on CM server to my server. And that's it. Campaign Monitor has quite a good email creator, a little bit limited but quite good looking and some great templates. For free :)

    this reads grate but is there a way to upload the images not to my server maybe ather service for free ....

    looks like many bilder came out broken some good ones are down

    so what you preffer to use please it must be free or lifetime for some money

  • I switched from Mailchimp (when it hit $209/month) to Sendy a few months ago. I used Bee Free a few times, but got complaints from customers about images not showing (in freaking Outlook 2007... ). So I ended up in this thread and several editors that are linked to are defunct. After seeing several people mention using a Mailchimp free account, I just set one up, created a "template" and sent out an email. It really is a great option, especially for someone like me with a large list (27,000) but I only send maybe 2 or 3 emails at most a month.

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    In the past we have used the MailChimp and CamignMonitor, now we use the We use the Postcards email builder and export them to Here is a short tutorial how to do in a easy way

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    I want to mention my Sendy hosting service, Boldermail ( Boldermail integrates with Sendy via a WordPress plugin, and I have built a drag-and-drop editor in WordPress that you can use to create your templates. You can see how the editor works here, and check out our plans here! (Sendy license is included in the pricing)

  • Just to follow up on the many super old and no longer working editors out there, here's what I've been using lately, free plan available, and works great to export HTML templates:

    Free plan includes like 2 templates at one time, and 4 exports per month, and full access to their template library. Paid business plan is $125/year or $12.50/mo, reasonable, includes 15 templates per project and 300 exports per month. Agency plan has lots more and costs $400/year.

  • Hello

    We solved this problem by integrating Bee editor right inside Sendy. At Sendybay, we started with providing Sendy hosting and now, our plans include

    • Drag & Drop Builder integrated with Sendy - Bee Plugin
    • 240 free templates
    • and of course, fast & secure hosting.

    Try us out here -

  • Just wanted to update my post above to mention that now Boldermail includes support for inserting Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts into your emails, and also interactive countdown timers that indicate the end of a sale or event. Check it out here.