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  • Ben February 2020
How to integrate invisible captcha with Sendy
  • Hi,

    I want to integrate Invisible Google Recaptcha with my contact form. I want captcha verification to appear people who are spamming not to genuine user.

    So is there any way to implement it . I am not able to do it.


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    Posts: 3,731Sendy support


    Invisible reCAPTCHA, also known as 'reCAPTCHA v3' sounds good in theory but will result in lots of false positives that will reject legitimate sign ups as it uses an automatic scoring system. That is why Sendy uses reCAPTCHA v2 as it is 100% accurate.

    If you want to implement 'reCAPTCHA v3', in your subscription form, you'd need to build your own custom subscription form to integrate 'reCAPTCHA v3' into your own custom form. Please note that custom development is outside the support scope of Sendy. If you need help with that, I suggest hiring an affordable programmer from places like https://www.fiverr.com etc.


    Best regards,

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