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  • Ben March 2020
Using personalized attachments
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    Hello Everyone/Ben,
    I hope you are all safe and healthy.

    We use many of the tag options available to personalize emails. At this time, we need/would like the ability to attach individual PDF invoices to the the personalized emails. Is there a way to accomplish this with uploaded csv lists? If so, can anyone direct me to documentation that will give us step-by-step instructions on how?

    Many thanks for any help and keep well.

    • Nadia M.
    • Benj Steinman
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    Hope you're safe and healthy too.

    • Upload your PDF somewhere, then get the download link.
    • Create a 'Custom field' for your list and call it something like 'PDF'
    • Then populate each subscriber's PDF custom field with their respective download link (you can do this in bulk by importing a CSV)
    • When you send a campaign to your list, add the tag [PDF,fallback=] anywhere you want the link to appear

    When your recipients receive their email, the [PDF,fallback=] tag will be converted to the link that's stored in their individual records.


    Best regards,

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