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Disable " Your campaign has been sent! "
  • Hi,

    Just installed, and tested, Sendy today.
    I need to disable this " Your campaign has been sent! " email.
    I searched this forum and it mentions line numbers. The line numbers mentioned do not correlate to the current version.

    Please, is there a buried procedure? Or do I need to edit the code.
    If I need to edit the code, can you please provide an approximate line number AND a small snippet of the line so I can search for it in case the line number is not accurate.

    I would appreciate this greatly

    Thanks in advance.

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    Posts: 3,804Sendy support


    There's no need to edit any code in the latest version.

    Visit the 'Rules' section and delete the 'On campaign sent' trigger:

    Please note that an email notification is sent to your main admin login email address as well when an email campaign is sent. This is for the main admin user (like you) to get notified when one of your brands send an email campaign.

    If you want to turn off this email notification as well, visit the 'Brand settings' and turn it off under 'Campaign sent notifications' on the right side of the page:


    Best regards,

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