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API method to create, schedule, and delete campaigns

edited August 2013 in Suggestions

Hi Sendy team,

Great job on Sendy guys. It's impressive to say the least and I'm positive you guys are on track to disrupt the email newsletter industry.

One thing that would allow us to increase our use of Sendy is a method for creating, scheduling, and deleting campaigns. I see that you already have dozens of requests for template functionality but I would think that extending the API would be the quickest fix. As you guys already know, automation is key!

Please let me know if this is already part of your plan!



  • Hi Dayne,

    Thanks for your kind words. Yes those methods you mentioned are part of my API expansion plans.

    Best regards,

  • I second this request. Any progress?


  • This is also a feature I would love to have.

  • You can write your data directly to Sendy's database. it would be not much harder than using API.

  • Ben, any update on this ?
    I also need it

    I found this php code to extend sendy API, I will try it:

    it doesn't do everything you ask, but shows new methods

  • Hi, Ben - an update on this would be awesome.

    I'd very much like to be able to create a scheduled campaign through the API, rather than the "send now" functionality. I might go and have a look into the database to see if I can work out how it all works, but it would be awesome if there's a chance of making this addition.

  • OK, I had a play. I can't quite fathom out how to create a scheduled campaign. There's a send_date, but setting that doesn't actually make it a properly scheduled campaign, and while I've got the UI to think it's a scheduled campaign, it doesn't actually send. Hmm. Clues would be great... ;)

  • Ben, any help with this? I'd be very keen to work out a scheduled campaign vi the API - I've missed a few email sends because I'm too distracted to have done that in the dashboard.

    If I understood what the correct database elements should be, other than just send_date of course, I'd be happy to hack it about.

  • I (and the non-profit I'm using it with) love Sendy. We're really trying to automate as much as possible, so being able to schedule campaigns to send for the future would be amazing. Any thoughts on when that might happen?

  • I've indicated to Ben that I would pay for this to be coded. After eight years, it would be great for this to be made available.

  • And as a PS... it seems this is a new feature - just entirely unannounced.

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