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Schedule campaign when quota is used up
  • Im using the Schedule this campaign? option but it gives "You can't send more than your SES daily limit. Either wait till Amazon replenishes your daily limit in the next 24 hours,"

    well.... im Scheduling for tomorrow at a time that amazon replenishes my limits... can you fix this?
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    Posts: 3,727Sendy support
    Have you used up your SES quota?

    Previously you were able to schedule emails when you run out of quota. But there's one user who ran out of quota and scheduled his email at a time before his quota was replenished and as a result, his emails wasn't sent. So I disabled it.
  • yes, yesterday, today i would like to start the send, as the send goes my quota is replenished, can you make an option to enable it ?
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    Posts: 3,727Sendy support
    I've taken note of this.

    In the mean time, to enable the schedule button even when your quota runs out, just remove or comment out lines 60 & 61 in

    $("#schedule-btn").attr("disabled", "disabled");

    As of version 2.0.3
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