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My own email is flagged as bounced. Can I undo that?
  • Vote Up0Vote Down austinjimaustinjim
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    I included my personal email in a list, sent several emails and my email address is now flagged as bounced. It's a yahoo account if that matters. I know the email address is active because I get email all day long. I also see that 25% of my largest list has bounced. That seems like a very large percentage. Is there any way to change the flag on my account and the others from Bounced? If so, what are the implications? I don't want to have Amazon cut me off.


  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,606Sendy support


    Emails marked as 'bounced' in your list are marked by Amazon through Amazon SNS notifications to your Sendy 'bounces' endpoint. When an email bounced, the email is invalid or does not exist. Amazon is the one deciding if an email is marked as bounced, not Sendy. Sendy only receives notifications from Amazon SNS when an email is marked as bounced then registers it in your Sendy list(s) accordingly.

    Visit the 'Suppression List Removal' page in your Amazon SES console to remove the email address that was bounced:


    To convert the 'Bounced' email address in Sendy back to 'Active', remove the email address from all lists it appears in, then add it back again.

    Only convert an email address back to ‘Active’ if you are absolutely sure the email address is valid. Repeatedly sending to email addresses that bounced will cause Amazon to suspend your Amazon SES account.


    Best regards,

  • Vote Up0Vote Down austinjimaustinjim
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    Thanks Ben!

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