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  • Ben August 2017
Possible to move email from one list to another instead of unsubscribing?
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    We currently use different email lists to keep track of where customers are in the sales process. For example, we have a list "General Signup" for people who have inquired about our services. And then when they place an order, we unsubscribe them from that list, and subscribe them into the "Customers" list.

    This workflow is giving us trouble, and I'm wondering if there's a better way. With the latest Sendy "exclude" feature, we want to create a new list for customers who recently have placed an order. (to exclude them from certain promotions). However, we can't add most of the emails into this new list, because they already had an "unsubscribed" event from the original "General Signup" list. It's as if I need to "move" or delete the email from one list to another, instead of unsubscribing and subscribing.....but I don't think that feature exists.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks for any help!


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    There's a 'Delete' API you can use to delete a subscriber off a list instead of 'unsubscribe' before you add it to another list.


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