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  • Ben August 2017
Issues exporting "unopened emails list"
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    I have an email list consisting of 94,000 emails, and have a huge chunk we were unopened. I wish to do a follow up email and see if they are even active, and give them an option to unsubscribe.

    In my efforts to do this, I clicked export on the "unopened" section of the last campaign report, and I receive an error.

     This page isn’t working
 is currently unable to handle this request.
     HTTP ERROR 500

    I would love to correct this, and wondering why this is happening. It happens on a few of my lists, one was an unopened list of 15k, and the other was a list of 83,169 unopened from 94,000.

    Trying to solve the issue but to no avail. I had this problem in the later versions of 2.0 and still having this issue after the update to Version 3.0

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    Try increasing your MySQL’s max_allowed_packet. Try running this query in phpmyadmin:

    SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet=16777216;


    Best regards,

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