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PHP notification endpoint for ElasticEmail
  • Vote Up0Vote Down texasjohntexasjohn
    Posts: 49Sendy user

    All- I'm testing with other ESPs besides SES to see if I can increase deliverability. I was using SparkPost until they raised prices the other week. Trying out ElasticEmail (just as an SMTP relay). Has anyone built out any PHP to handle their notifications (specifically bounces and complaints)? Code would be primarily parsing out the request and bounce reasons; I can re-use a lot of Sendy cod for updating the db but trying to not re-invent the wheel here. Haven't found anything on github or through ElasticEmail support. Anyone work through this and have some code they would be willing to share?


  • Vote Up0Vote Down texasjohntexasjohn
    Posts: 49Sendy user

    At this point, going to build my own code- will post it here once it's done and working.

    I'm going to let EE handle soft bounce processing on their side (I won't mark it in Sendy), but will dump all the message from EE into a table so I can inspect after the fact and see what's going on. I will mark hard bounces and complaints in Sendy, though, so I've got a permanent record.

    There isn't a 1-for-1 with message categories between and (which is why I'll only worry about hard bounces and complaints).

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    Posts: 32Sendy user

    I haven't integrated EE but have integrated webhooks and API mailers for a couple services, you can use my projects as a starting point if you want. I tried to make it so you could plug & play new service files relatively easily without having to write everything from scratch.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down texasjohntexasjohn
    Posts: 49Sendy user

    Thanks! I've got something similar (what I've used for Mandrill and Sparkpost), but for some reason it's dropping db writes. I'm also logging all events to a flat file at the same time so I can figure out what's dropping and what isn't.

  • HI, did so manage to find a way to get the bounce notifications from EE and deliver them to sendy.?

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    Posts: 7Sendy user

    Hi Did you manage to manage Elastic Email notifications through Sendy? could they share PHP?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down texasjohntexasjohn
    Posts: 49Sendy user

    Stopped using Elastic Email a very long time ago :(