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[MOD] Show 'join date' in subscribers list

edited October 2017 in Contributions

I've started a quick mod. It is very valuable in my case.


insert line 286:

#join date mod, table header <th><?php echo _('Join Date');?></th>

insert line 344:

#join date mod, fetch data from table $joindatefetch = stripslashes($row['join_date']); $joindate = date('m/d/Y H:i:s', $joindatefetch);

insert line 375:

#join date mod, print data <td>'.$joindate.'</td>

change line 58 to:

headers: { 5: {sorter: false} }

Currently it only sorts the currently page of users, not all users in the entire list. This is how the sort filter works by default. You can change all instances of "ORDER BY timestamp" to "ORDER BY join_date", and once you clear the default 'last activity' filter (click until the underline disappears), it will show the subscribers in descending join_date order.

If your subscribers join date is 'null' in the database - I have quite a lot - then these will be pushed to the end of the sort, obviously. The 'null' issue is out of the scope of this however, and I'll report that to Ben.

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