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  • Ben October 2017
What are segments?
  • I see the blub when I click on the link in a list. But I'm looking for examples, or a video or something more for someone who doesn't understand it.

    I have used a program that allowed me to sort for state, area code, etc. but that was a while ago. I didn't have the set up the parameters. I just added the column, and was able to sort by the column.

    Thanks much

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    Think of ‘segments’ as ‘filtering’ your list. For example you have a list called ‘Customers’. In this list you have custom field data like ‘Country’, ‘Gender’ etc. So if you want to sift out ‘Female’s customers, then you can create a segment that matches ‘Female’ in the ‘Gender’ custom field.

    There are many other options for segmentation which you can explore by creating a segment in any of your lists.


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