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How do subscribes to another list work?
  • I noticed that if PersonA unsubscribes from ListA, I can't add him to ListB without first resubscribing him to ListA, adding him to ListB, and then unsubscribing him from ListA. Am I missing something? Isn't there an easier way to add a person (who unsubscribed from one list) to a new list?

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    Set the ‘Unsubscribe settings’ in the list’s settings to ‘Only this list’, then you will be able to add an email to the list without Sendy verifying the subscription status of that email in other lists.

    Unsubscribe settings:

    The default unsubscribe setting is ‘All lists’, so that when someone unsubscribes from one list, they are unsubscribed from all other lists they may exist in. This is such that they will no longer receive your email no matter which list you send your future campaigns to. Similarly, they will never be resubscribed again no matter which list you add them to. This is email marketing’s best practice.

    But then again, you have the option to set the ‘Unsubscribe settings’ to ‘Only this list’ so any emails you add to the list will not be checked against other lists.

    To access a list’s settings:

    1. Go to 'View all lists' on the left sidebar
    2. Click the pencil icon on the list item to edit its settings


    Or click 'List settings' at the top right of the page when inside a list:


    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

  • Totally made sense. Testing it out, and it worked. Thank you!

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