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  • Ben November 2017
Unnecessary source code is automatically added to WYSIWYG editor
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    Posts: 1Sendy user


    When I'm adding a new campaign I'm pasting the newsletter source code and then switching to HMTL editor.

    When I'm switching again to the source code it takes a lot of time to load because of Sendy adding a lot of extra code inside the source of the email.

    Please view the page source for the following email:

    The initial email is very clean but the output is very different.

    Any ideas why this is happening?


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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,643Sendy support


    If you have ‘Grammarly’ extension installed in your browser, it is inserting tons of code into the editor without you knowing when you're creating your campaign.

    This undesired behavior by Grammarly not only causes Sendy to malfunction when saving and sending, it may cause your browser to crash in some circumstances.

    If you do have 'Grammarly' extension installed in your browser, here's what you need to do:

    1) Disable Grammarly extension in your browser

    2)  Re-create your campaign (not just “Duplicate”, create a new campaign and write your message)

    Then send your campaign again.


    Best regards,

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