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  • Ben November 2017
Clarification on adding subscriber after unsubscribed
  • We have our normal lists, actually broke out into 3 lists, and a user can be on any of the 3. If they unsubscribe it unsubscribes from all 3 which is great. But if they then go through a purchase and purchase one of our products they have the option with an extra item to subscribe to our newsletter. I will get notified of these users and I add their names in manually (archaic I know but we are small and use another shopping cart system).

    The problem is if they had previously unsubscribed the system does not add them in. Is there a way to add them in without me having to manually search and switch the flag in these special cases?


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    Posts: 3,606Sendy support


    If a subscriber is ‘Unsubscribed’ in the list, when you call the ‘subscribe’ API again to add the same subscriber, their status will be become ‘Active’ again.


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