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Check if SES quota reached while sending
  • Vote Up0Vote Down briascoibriascoi
    Posts: 11Sendy user

    Hi, I have an issue and a suggestion:

    I use Sendy to send newsletters to my community users (1.7MM not-bounce users) and I have a limit of 1MM per 24hs on SES. So I've splited the list in 2 because of the limit. The problem is that I use SES not only for the newsletters, also to send all the emails of the site (replies to threads, subscriptions, welcome emails, pwd forgot, etc...) so, I don't know exactly hoy many mails I'll send each day. Yesterday I started sending a newsletter to 900.000 users but I've reached the limit in the middle of the process but Sendy keeps sending the campaign.

    I know that this is how sendy works but It would be nice to hace a pause button or better to check the limit every X minutes/sends and if the limit is reached stop the campaign.


  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,804Sendy support

    Hi Ismael,

    I've noted your point. Will move this to the suggestion category.



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