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API List ID Not Showing
  • I see that I need a hashed list ID to reference a list in the API, but when going to "View All Lists", I don't see a hashed ID in the ID column--it's only showing my lists in sequence (1,2,3...and now that I'm past 9, it shows alphabetically (a, b, c). What do I need to do/fix to get the hashed ID showing there?


    BTW--I'm upgraded to the latest version of Sendy. Best I can tell, that column has never shown the hashed ID on any previous versions.

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    Hi Eric,

    This is normal behavior as your PHP version is 5.2.17.

    PHP versions lower than 5.3 will not be able to use the new openssl_encrypt and openssl_decrypt methods introduced in Sendy version 1.1.5 and up. Sendy will fallback to use intval and base_convert instead to wrap IDs instead if you're on PHP version lower than 5.3.

    Upgrade (or request your host to upgrade) to PHP 5.3 or above in order to have your list IDs hashed and salted with openssl_encrypt and openssl_decrypt.



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