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Sending quota Amazon SES 70 mails per second. How to use that quota on Sendy?
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    Posts: 5Sendy user

    I have a 70 mails per second quota at SES. I need to send hundreds of thousands mails and I really need Sendy to use that quota. Now im sending only 20k mails and its taking more than 1 hour 30 min (and counting). I have the cron running every 5 min. How can I use the full quota? or, whats the max quota of sendy?

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,549Sendy support

    Sendy uses multi-threading to send your emails, features auto-retry and auto-resume, uses indexes in your database that speeds up reading speed - it has already done its part. The rest depends on:

    • The size of your newsletter
    • Your server's computing power
    • Whether your server timeout frequently due to memory exhaustion (each timeout cost 5 mins)
    • The number of emails that requires sending to be retried (each retry cost 1 to 2 secs)
    • Your hosting company's internet connection upload speed
    • Geographical location of your server versus SES's servers

    As Sendy sends your emails in bulk and according to your SES send rate, the total size of each parallel transfer to SES can add up to several MBs. The ability to complete this transfer in 1 second (most optimized) depends on your server’s computing power, memory resources and upload speed. For example, if your sending speed is 70 emails per second and your server can only complete a parallel execution and transfer of 70 emails in two seconds, your send rate will easily be halved.

    If your server frequently times out, 5 minutes will be added to the total time of transfer for each timeout. If there are 100 emails that needs to be retried because it fails to transfer the first time, 100 x approx 2 seconds = 3 minutes+ will be added to the total time for retries.

    Latency in sending speed also depend on your server’s physical location versus Amazon SES’s server (located in US East).

    If your subscriber base is large and if sending newsletters is important to you, my recommendation would be to use a VPS server you can scale up or down when needed. Solutions like Amazon EC2 is the best option available in terms of flexibility and physical location. Sending speed proved to be the most optimized on Amazon EC2 according to many Sendy users.

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