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  • Ben March 2018
Is there a way to update a custom field based on a link clicked from a Sendy message?
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    Posts: 4Sendy user

    Need to ask my audience a simple Yes/No question and be able to segregate my list based on which link they click on (Yes/No).

    This will create 3 paths - as such: 1) subscriber did not click on anything. Therefore, I will continue to send different messages, but also include a paragraph asking them to make the Yes/No decision.

    2) subscriber clicked yes. Now I know a bit more about what they expect from me and I can write to those who clicked Yes.

    3) subscriber clicked no. Now I know I can respond with new ideas and seek the best way to help my subscriber get what they want.

    I would love this capability to have the same link structure as what Sendy uses to encrypt subscribe and unsubscribe links for security and integrity of the results.

    This simple two choice option - will open the doors for many other creative ways to work with our list.

    I am open to the idea of these links going to a corresponding web page which takes a variable passed from the link to code within the corresponding page to automagically tell Sendy to update a custom field based on the subscriber's choice (without having to click a yes/no link again and clicking submit).

    Seems like it's a simple expansion of the same mechanism which allows unsubscribes.

    Except the field which is updated - is not the subscription field.

    Thank you for your support and continued developments!

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    Posts: 3,360Sendy support


    This can be achieved with the ‘subscribe’ API (

    The ‘subscribe’ API allows you to pass in custom field data to update them.


    So you’d create a page that grabs the yes or no answer from the URL, then call the ‘subscribe’ API and update your custom field accordingly.


    Best regards,

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