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How to add new autoresponder emails after having a list and still sending it to people
  • Vote Up0Vote Down abenyukhisabenyukhis
    Posts: 24Sendy user

    I have been building my list and have set up some autoresponder emails in dripfeed mode. Lets assume i have 10 messages, spaced 1 day apart and after 10 days, everyone on my lists (assuming all subscribers were added the same day for example) they will all have received the message.

    I want to add 10 more messages spaced out 1 day apart, but i want all existing subscribers to pick up where they left off, so in this case on message #11. But ovviously if i do this 30 days later (add these 10 new messages), all new users will start with 20 messages to receive, but these original users will never get the 10 new messages because they will be scheduled to go 11 -20 days after signup and if these original subscribers signed up 30 days ago, they will never get these new ones.

    Is there a way to reset subscribers to a certain message in the series so they will start from that point?



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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,549Sendy support

    Hi Alex,

    There's no native way to do that. You need to calculate the each existing subscriber's join_date so that they will receive message 11 onwards by changing join_date in the subscribers table manually in your database.

    For example, if message 11 is set to send 11 days after signup, each existing subscriber's join_date need to be changed to 10 days ago so that on the 11th day they will receive the new 11th message and so on.

    join_date is a unix timestamp.



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