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Did the basic GDPR preparatory moves but are there tools in case authorities ask for proofs?
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    Hi Ben,

    suppose in the database there will be true people with GDPR tags (by reconfirmation) ia already started the collection process today. If in a few months somebody comes in control as a consequence of a complaint, how can i prove the exact date a person has reconfirmed (or additional proof like IP, etc). If this is stored somewhere hidden (i hope it is), if i wanted to restructure my lists, say exporting people from one list and importing them into another, do i loose this hidden proof?


  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
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    When you export a CSV from a list, their IP address, Country, the email web version link they re-consent from will be included in the CSV.

    Also, if you click on the subscriber's name or email while in the list, a modal window will launch showing you all these details and more.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks for the info, sorry for not knowing this already.

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