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Auto-resume when campaign sends timeout

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So for large campaigns, sendy timesout on sending emails. I'd like to see a feature that we could specify the timeout and autoresume would kick in, where it basically does the same thing as hitting the resume button from the dashboard.


  • P.S. I'd gladly pay some money to have this done!
  • Doesn't the cron job already take care of that ?
  • @Nexercise Have you set up cron to send your emails? And what version are you on? Thanks. :)
  • After around 6 hours of sending cron stops every time. Then I have to use the resume button. It's a pain. For campaigns sent by cron resumes shouldn't be allowed. It should resume automatically (ex: it could compare on every run how many Recipients a campaign already have, if the number didn't grow, it should re-run it).
  • Cron is not actually working i have tested its getting paused after sending 2k email every time which is frustrating
  • @abhisek if your server times out every 2k emails sent, your server has a really short timeout. Which server are you on?

    And are you using CURL or PHP to execute the scheduled.php script in CRON?
  • It doesn't have really shot timeout, if he is out side US it's hard to send it faster than 4k every 30 minutes. This is why I get. 15 minutes is not so short.

    You should work around it and not keep blaming the time-outs. It's frustrating.
  • BenBen
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    @simy that is why I'm asking @abhisek if CURL is used or PHP is used in the CRON command. If PHP is used in the command, it is said to have no timeout. That is why 'CRON sending' is introduced in the latest version.

    Ultimately, if the server still times you out, it's really out of my control because we have no control over the server unlike hosted applications. That is why we built in 'resume' feature. You mentioned 'auto resume', but the problem is, if the server times out your script, how do we know? Yes we can compare the totals but at what interval? This is something we need to think about and it's good to know development of Sendy is not stopping here.
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    @ben, it still has. Maybe there are system settings as well. Exactly after 6 hours of sending it stops.
    Sendy is good. I need to use it. It reminded me how significant newsletters can be for my traffic.

    There are several solutions. You can just check it at each cron run. 5 minutes is more than enough to compare the totals. It's simple and it will work just fine.

    If you need something more advanced, you could log PID (getmypid) and store it in the DB. On each cron run you could check if it's still active, if not auto-resume.

    You also need send things quicker. Check how many emails per second are possible, on each loop run that many CURLs at once, wait and wait 1 second.

  • Hi Ben, i m using cpanel cron set up functionality but not sure its use php or curl please let me know how can i check that and fixed that?
  • any movement on this? I am having the same issue with a daily email of over 10k.. Stops halfway through
  • any update?
  • @abhisek

    Is your CRON command:

    php /path/to/your/sendy/installation/scheduled.php > /dev/null 2>&1


    curl -L -s http://sendy_installation_url/scheduled.php > /dev/null 2>&1

    @derivativemedia Use the 'Resume' function
  • Auto resume is now supported in the latest 1.1.0 version. Sendy will now check if server timed out and automatically resume sending until it's complete.
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