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  • Ben August 2018
Database not updated when updating
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    After migrating from version to, I can no longer view reports of past campaigns. Since the code is in PHP, I conveniently can troubleshoot this myself. I have found it is because this line is returning no result: $limit = get_app_data('campaign_report_rows');

    In digging into the code, that code is looking for a campaign_report_rows column in the apps table. That column doesn't exist. Was it supposed to be added in the move to ? It seems as if there is a database migration step that didn't happen.

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,646Sendy support


    Yes there should be a campaign_report_rows column in the apps table.

    Your MySQL database user probably does not have ALTER privilege granted to the user. Please ensure you've granted full privileges to the MySQL database user for your MySQL database. Then Sendy can create columns etc without any problems.

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