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  • Ben June 2013
Sending campaign on server without cron support
  • I would like to show a solution I found to fix my problem. Since my server do not support Cron. All the time the campaign was freezing every 300/400 sent emails. And I had to reload and click in "continue". I made this.

    In file "app.php":

    before the first(line 223):

    $(document).ready(function() {

    add this:

    var _howitwas = "";var _changed = 0;var f_url = $("#continue-sending-text > a:first").data("url");var f_campaign_id = $("#continue-sending-text > a:first").data("id");var f_email_list = $("#continue-sending-text > a:first").data("email_list");var f_app = $("#continue-sending-text > a:first").data("app");var f_offset = $("#continue-sending-text > a:first").data("offset");

    And replace the code:

    else refresh_interval = setInterval(function(){get_sent_count('.$id.')}, 2000);


    else{ if(_howitwas == ""){ _howitwas = data;}else{if(_howitwas == data){_changed++;if( _changed > 10 ){_changed = 0;$.post(f_url, { campaign_id: f_campaign_id, email_list: f_email_list, app: f_app, offset: f_offset },function(a){});}}else{_changed = 0;_howitwas = data;}}refresh_interval = setInterval(function(){get_sent_count('.$id.')}, 2000);}


    Well, it helped me alot :)

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    Posts: 3,792Sendy support


    Thanks for sharing.

    If your server does not support cron, you can try setting up a cron job using an external service instead

    This way, you don't have to edit Sendy's core code.



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