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  • Ben September 29
Tracking which lead came from which list
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    Hi All,

    We have series of list say LIST 1 (to be send on Monday), List 2 (to be send on Tuesday), List 3 (to be send on Wednesday), List 4 (to be send on Thurday), List 5 (to be send on Friday), List 6 (to be send on Saturday).

    All of our campaigns integrated with Mailchimp forms

    Now as campaigns goes on and we start receiving LEADS on our Mailchimp list,

    but the problem is we are unable to track which lead came from List 1, and which lead came from List 2.

    Can anyone help me or guide me to track such scenario?


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    Use the ’Search all list’ function to search for the email address of the ‘lead’. The results will show you which list(s) they belong to:

    Search all lists:

    Best regards,

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