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Sendy shows emails as sent but SES does not
  • Hi - First off, I love Sendy. Thank you for a great product.

    After a successful migration of one client from Interspire to Sendy I set up a second installation for a second on their dedicated VPS . Everything on the server seems fine. We have Intersipre and have an active SES account that has been in use with Interspire for years - We just want to use Sendy instead. I have everything configured, test emails send successfully, one at a time, and tests to my small list of three test users also send successfully. The issue arises when I send to our full list or 11K subscribers/users.

    Here is what I see:

    • The sending seems to progress at a normal pace - in line with the 14 email/sec SES quota.

    • Sendy sends a confirmation email once sending is complete. It shows up as expected in the inbox.

    • After noticing 0 opens on an 11K user list, I checked my email to see if I had received the email and I had not ( I use the same email for myself on both test and production lists). Image:

    • After about 1/2 hr I visited SES and see minimal usage for the day (reflects typical transactional email usage): Image:

    • I checked the list for strange formatting and took the precaution of importing into a Google sheet, clearing formatting and exporting as CSV. I had previously cleaned the lists using neverbounce but to be sure, I have verified the list using never bounce a second time, reimported it as a new list into Sendy and still have the same results. Image:

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!

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    Posts: 3,643Sendy support

    Hi Alex,

    1. Please remove the trailing slash in the APP_PATH or the /includes/config.php script. '' instead of ''
    2. I checked your compatibility checklist and see that your server does not have curl_multi_exec installed on your server, that is the reason why your emails aren't sent to any of your recipients. Sendy uses curl_multi_exec to send emails in bulk.

    Please install curl_multi_exec on your server (or contact your hosting provider to do so).


    Best regards,

  • You are amazing! Thank you I'll report back with and update after I have completed the recommended steps.

  • Worked like a charm - brilliant tool and support to match!

    Thank you!

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