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Bounce tracking
  • I have setup SNS correctly. sending mail to gets flagged as bounce in Sendy report. On the similar pattern I have created another wrong email Address - Mails sent to this email are not treated as bounce by sendy. How to correct it? If it doesn't work Amazon will block my account for any big campaign.

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    Posts: 3,667Sendy support

    Hi @nishantgauttam,

    If you tested your bounce setup with Amazon's Mailbox Simulator email and bounces get registered in your Sendy installation, then it's setup correctly. That means the feedback loop is working and bounces are and will be registered.

    If you send an email to or any email and it wasn't registered as a bounce in Sendy, that means Amazon doesn't consider the email as a hard bounce, hence it did not send an SNS notification to your Sendy installation's bounces.php endpoint. So no bounce was registered. So you don't have to worry.

    If Amazon registers an email as bounced, your Sendy installation will register it too because your bounce handling is working properly as proven by the test with

    Best regards,

  • Thanks Ben for getting back,

    It is getting trickier though. I have two Amazon accounts. From one account I am getting a failure delivery message from on my From Email Address when I send email to But it doesnt get registered in Sendy as bounce. I believe if I am getting a failure delivery email from Amazon that means it is correctly recognizing it as Hard Bounce. but Amazon SES dashboard doesnt show any bounces in Graph

    From another account I neither get Failure Delivery nor it gets registered in Sendy as bounce.

    Could you help me out here.. ?

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,667Sendy support

    Then it sounds like a glitch with Amazon's feedback loop.

    Leave a post at Amazon SES's forum to let them know that you receive a bounce email when sending to but it wasn't registered as a bounce in your Amazon SES dashboard.

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