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Let users confirm unsubscribe when unsubscribing
  • We like to normally use the unsubscribe link in our mailings, but have found lately that anti-spam bots are very aggressive, auto clicking all links in the mailings we send.

    What is the recommended way we can have a user click on a "Unsubscribe" link to get a subscription maintenance page that lets them confirm an unsubscribe at that remote page? (so the link will have to be loaded with the list id and their email at minimum)

    If this isn't possible, I guess this is a feature request - have the unsubscribe link not auto-unsubscribe upon clicking, but require a confirm send be pressed at the destination page.

    This would be invaluable given how aggressive anti-spam processes are now.

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    Posts: 3,758Sendy support

    This is already supported in Sendy if you update to the latest version.

  • Thanks so much! I missed this one... Keeping up with these email anti spam systems!

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