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  • Ben June 2013
Webversion not creating link
  • @Ben,

    I have sent just a few campaigns thus far but noticed that my "View Web Version" link is not populating anything in the actual send. It just appears as text. The Unsubscribe code seems to work just fine.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,549Sendy support

    Hi @redptstrategies,

    1. Did you place your <webversion>View Web Version</webversion> in your HTML code?
    2. Are you using the <webversion></webversion> or [webversion] tag in your HTML code? There is a difference,
      [webversion] is only supported for the plain text version (the [webversion] tag will be supported in the HTML version of your email in the next version of Sendy). So right now, be sure to use the <webversion></webversion> tag in your HTML version.


    Best regards,

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    Posts: 3,549Sendy support

    Update: The [webversion] tag is now supported for both plain text and HTML version in Sendy version 1.1.7 and up.

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