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What happened to my bounces, unsubscriptions, and mark as spams?
  • I have a database of about 125k, I just uploaded a partial table and sent a message to about 1.5k. 394 of these bounced, 5 unsubscribed, and 2 marked as spam. I uploaded another table that I'm 100% sure had duplicate emails. The new table showed all emails as active instead of bounced for the ones known to be invalid. It didn't even show that they were on multiple list. Is this functioning correctly? Should I expect it to label known bad or conflicted emails as such? Should the subscriber show all list that it's subscribed to?
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    Hey - Did you import the second batch of emails into a new list or the same list?
  • I imported the second batch into a new list. This was done so that I can send emails to only that list or all list. It is also all under the same brand
  • I noticed that the "list" column is int(11). With this I would assume that in order to have a user in multiple list they would be entered as a separate row in the db, each with a unique list value. This means that when they bounce the script would have to query all rows to change the "bounced" value to 1 where "email" matches.

    The solution I see would be to change the "list" column to varchar(100) so that the an entry could contain something like "1,5" Meaning that the subscriber is a member of list 1 and 5. Then there would be only 1 row to reference for the bounce status.

    This is similar to what you did in "send-to.php" and the "campaigns" table to display all list to send the email to.

    I'm not a programmer, so I could be way out of line here. I'm just trying to find a way to NOT get my SES account tagged as a spammer. or have a high bounce rate.
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    How Sendy sends email especially in the latest 1.0.8 version is that even if a subscriber appears in multiple list, Sendy won't send them more than once for every campaign you send.
  • So what happens if you are sending a campaign to List A and List B. The subscriber is bounced in List A but not on List B. Is the email sent because List B says the email is valid?
  • The latest release 1.0.9 will satisfy my issue for now! Thanks!

    *CSV or line imports will now be scrubbed against previously marked as bounced emails. Emails that have been previously marked as bounced (no matter which list they belong to) will not be imported.
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    @carolinacoach - yes, that answers your question. :) Thanks for bringing this up!
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