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  • Ben February 2019
How to send newsletter to 100k+ subscribers separately to fall under Amazon limits?
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    I have a large mailing list that is growing exponentially, all through real user input, and we've grown it so far to more than 100,000 subscribers. My current limit on Amazon is 50,000 e-mails a day and we're expecting to grow at least 30-50k subscribers a month each month on 2019. I could surely ask for Amazon to increase our current limit, but in the long run we would face the same problem again if we manage to get around 500k subscribers.

    Maybe I'm lost, but I have not found a way to send e-mails separately, something like 30 - 40 thousand e-mails a day so I can send an e-mail to all of my subscribers in a couple of days.

    Is there a way to do this? Or a way to separate e-mail addresses without manually downloading them and separating them into different lists?

    Thank you!

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    If you consistently send and max out your Amazon SES daily sending limit, Amazon will gradually increase your daily sending limit automatically. You can also request for limit increase, they will surely grant it to you within 1 business day if your bounce and complaint rates are low.


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