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Sending stuck no resume button
  • I am a newbie and installed latest version last week. SES limit is 50k and 14 per second. I have just tried to send our first email to 2000 subscribers manually ie not via cron. It has got stuck at 392 emails. I cannot see a stop or resume button. If I refresh the page I get "checking" and then it reverts to "sending" but the number stays at 392. I realise it's a server timeout and next time I'll set up a cron job. However how do I resolve the current situation I cannot seem to find a resume button.


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    If you don't see the 'Resume' button on the campaign item and you did not previously setup a cron job, that means you manually ran the scheduled.php script and gave Sendy a false positive that a cron job have been setup.

    To fix this, visit http://your_sendy_installation_url/reset-cron and hit the reset button to clear the false positive that a cron job have been setup. Then refresh your campaigns page and you'll see the 'Resume' button on the campaign item next to the campaign title.


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  • Thanks, The button was there its just not a button ie the word resume at end of title is a bit confusing. I guess I was expecting the yellow sending to have changed to resume.

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