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Drip Campaigns and Conversion
  • I want to build a drip campaign for our new free users and stop that campaign when they sign up for our premium service.

    I figured the best way to do this would be to set up a list for free users and a list for premium users.

    When new free users sign up I can add them to the free list which will have the drip campaign set-up on it.

    If they subscribe to our premium service I can remove them from the free list and add them to the premium list.

    Presumably this will stop any yet to be delivered autoresponders from the drip campaign on the list they've been removed from?

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    Posts: 3,758Sendy support

    Hi @Iain_M_Norman,

    That is absolutely correct. If the user is unsubscribed from the list, they will not receive further Autoresponder emails.


    Best regards,

  • Good news. I'm having fun setting all this up. *grins*

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