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  • Ben June 2013
Slowing down the send rate
  • We use SES for sending system emails from our software application and I don't want to swamp that traffic with marketing email. Our current send rate is 14/sec. Can this sending rate be slowed? According to this answer:

    It sounds like (in sendy v1.1.7.1) that doing the following would slow the sending rate to 8 per second: * Add (time_nanosleep(0, 125000000)); after line 472 in /includes/create/send-now.php * Add (time_nanosleep(0, 125000000)); after line 515 in scheduled.php

    Does that sound right?

    Could be a useful setting to include in a future version if so.

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    Posts: 3,758Sendy support

    Hi @stevegoldenberg,

    Yes that's correct, you can use time_nanosleep instead of sleep if you want precise timing.


    Best regards,

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