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Amazon SES errors (non-critical)
  • Vote Up0Vote Down jamescridlandjamescridland
    Posts: 15Sendy user

    I've set my Amazon SES region to North Virginia in the settings, which is where I send mail from. Amazon SES in North Virginia has my sender email address correctly permissioned.

    Sendy sends my emails perfectly fine.

    However, when loading the final sending page, with a URL of something like /send-to?i=1&c=739, I see two errors in the PHP error_log that both say:

    PHP Warning: SimpleEmailService::SetIdentityNotificationTopic(): Sender - InvalidParameterValue: Identity ( is invalid. Must be a verified email address or domain.nRequest Id: (snip)n in /var/www/html/(snip)/includes/helpers/ses.php on line 541

    It is a verified email address.

    Nothing bad is happening, and bounces are being caught, but I don't fully understand this error. Should I worry?

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  • Vote Up0Vote Down BenBen
    Posts: 3,604Sendy support

    No need to worry.

    Sendy checks both the 'domain' and 'email address' to see whether either of which is verified. If either of which is not verified this error will appear in the logs.

    If emails are being sent and bounces/complaints are being logged, no need to worry.

    Best regards,

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